2019 Early Bird Membership Application


Dear Family Members,

“Andy World Club” together with you are heading towards 2019.We are now open for Early Bird membership application.

As always, Early Bird members will specially receive a premium edition membership card. Enroll as early as possible so as to enjoy the superior status!

In the past year, members received a mobile phone bags as welcoming gift. In the New Year, you will receive a lovely designed crystal plastic card case with lanyard. Fully transparent material is visible on both sides. After you put in your membership card, one side is Andy’s portrait and the other side is your member information. Family members can put on the lanyard while attending our events. It is not only representing a sense of belonging but also convenient to check-in!

Early Bird membership application begins from now until December 31, 2018, family member must seize the opportunity to apply, and to continue the love and relationship with Andy and AWC! New members are also welcome to join the AWC family.


Andy World Club
26 November 2018