Hand in Hand New member welcome party


I have liked Andy for 20 years, but have never become Andy World Club member because of various reasons and excuses. Since I was encouraged by many friends who are members in recent years, finally became a member of Andy World Club in 2007. Andy World Club held Hand in Hand welcome party for new members and returned old members on January 28th. As soon as I received the letter, I applied for it right away by fax!

When I arrived around 1 o’clock, there was already a long line of people waiting to enter the venue. The party started after everybody took their seat according to the number. First the MC introduced us to some information about Andy World Club, and I guess everybody was same as me at that time: stretched out my head, trying not to miss the chance if Andy suddenly appears, my eyes were on the screen but my heart was not there! I thought to myself, “Andy please appears quickly!!!!”

Andy appeared after we finished reading the “severe” fan club regulation out, and everybody was screamed and waved their hands at Andy with excitement. As for myself, I was just smiling foolishly and stared at Andy… during his presence for only 10 to 20 minutes, I kept smiling foolishly until my chin bone became soft! I found that I can do nothing but smile foolishly right in front of my favorite person!

I was very impressed by Andy on that day. He has a good sense of humor and makes everybody so happy that even a middle-aged woman who I do not know seated in front of me could not help turning around and talked to me that “His talk is very funny!!” On the other hand, when talking about his work, Andy puts on serious expression. It can tell us that he is very serious about his work!

There is one more thing that I would like to mention. I have heard that Andy World Club is just like a big family. And I think this welcome party proved it to be true. It is because all the members, regardless of new or old and include that woman, and the staffs were all so nice and friendly on that day. It is all because of our common purpose which is to support and protect Andy! This purpose is strong enough to dispel the bad feelings among people.

Written by: Jessica Wong

23:40 on 2019-03-22
21:32 on 2014-06-09