Andy is still busy for filming of "Vegas to Macau 3". The movie has long been the hot topic of the town since shooting started. Superstars Donald Chow Yun-fat and Andy partnered in the movie again, famous roles of the top gambler and the apprentice will be on the theatre soon! In this episode, scenes between the top gambler and the apprentice are enhanced that must bring Andy's fans with more fabulous performance!
The box office earnings of Taiwanese movie "Our Times" which Andy showed his supporting act amounted to over 370 millions, leading Taiwan to fall into the swirl of nostalgia recalling many peoples' memories.  Setting up the scene of the concert in the movie, making the script "I'll ask Andy to sing for you!" came true! Andy was specially attending the film's celebration event held on 20th of September in Taipei. The movie will be showing on the theatre on 15th October in Hong Kong, Andy's fans are definitely can’t miss it out! Let's recall the memorable times with Andy! Later, the movie will also be released in the Mainland.
Andy is one of the nominees of The 30th Golden Rooster Awards for the Best Actor with the film "Lost and Love". Since Andy had attended his birthday party on 19th September, he was absent from the ceremony held in Jilin. Finally, Zhang Hanyu scored narrow win, Andy failed to win the Award but he do feel glorious to get the nomination indeed!
Andy performed the movie "Saving Mr. Wu" is a story taken from the real case of 2004's Star kidnap. Andy will be present in Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Shanghai for the meet and greet event of the Movie starting from 22nd September. Meanwhile, the movie will be released on 30th September in the Mainland. Fans must not miss out Andy's superb performance!
September is Andy's birthday month, members should attend the most expecting annual event - "Andy's Birthday Party" and said "Happy Birthday" face to face to Andy and enjoyed various exciting performances together! This year, the theme is about Chinese traditional culture, members were suggested to dress up with Chinese style costume to incorporate the event ambience!
Hong Kong
The Happy Hour Karaoke Gathering was a joyful and enjoyable activity in August, where members had a chance to perform their singing talent and got along closer to each other.

More and more activities are coming and surely will bring happiness to members. If you have any ideas for any activities during September and October, please visit "Discussion Board" for further details of "AWC Members – Affiliates Spontaneous Activities".
Lots of activities will be held for members in this September, after Andy's Birthday Party on 19 Sep, "Supper Gathering" was organized by Mainland members; meanwhile members in Sichuan, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Shanghai will hold celebrating gathering for Andy's birthday respectively. Members not to miss these exciting activities!
The video of 2015 "27th Anniversary Party" will be shown starting from 2 October (Fri) till 15 November (Sun) in HK AWC. Come and share the excitements of this event in our HK AWC centre.
Balloon Twisting Class – Mid-Autumn Lantern
Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, we specially organize the "Balloon Twisting" class on 26 September (Sat) in HK AWC. The theme is Mid-Autumn Lantern this time that is an interesting activity for parents and children to join together. Members can hand-make their own balloon lantern and bring it home to celebrate the festival!
Calligraphy Class - Regular script (Sep – Nov)
Practicing calligraphy not only can refine handwritten skills but also training your patience. We are going to organize a "Calligraphy Class - Regular script" (Saturday class of total 10 lessons). Members are able to equip themselves during the weekends by joining this Course and also can acquire the Chinese art personal quality at the same time!
NEW Home of AWC
"Andy World Club" Hong Kong Center has been moved to 33/F that the new Home is more spacious matched with contemporary decoration. Members can stay in a cozy environment for gathering and reviewing previous activities videos.

New address: Unit D, 33/F, Tower A, Billion Centre, 1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
"AWC's Secrets"
"AWC's Secrets" allows members to keep tracks of Andy' news and share the first-hand exclusive news that members would be highly interested. Our spy will disclose Andy's latest news that fans should highly pay heed to these! If you would like to check the previous topics of "AWC's Secrets", please visit "Discussion Board-Member Centre" for further details.
New AWC Mobile App
Andy World Club have released our new "AWC" mobile app. It allows members to keep tracks closer of our latest notice and Andy's latest news and even shop around at our AWC Online Shop Anytime, Anywhere.
Highlighted Contents of AWC Mobile App

Brand new feature "ANDY'S BLOG" is NOW available! Check out Andy's real-time messages and updates and even response to his posts directly.
New feature "Calendar" reminds you every important event with Andy and any activities and courses of AWC!
Other features such as Online Shop, Activity Highlights, and Discussion Forum are also accessible via this new AWC Mobile App.

Member NOW can visit this page to select and click on your applicable Store's link, or you can simply search "AWC" in your mobile APP store to download directly.
The result of "The Design Competition for Andox and Box" has been announced, Andy and the committees have decided the Best Designer –Bi Ruihu! She turns Box into Chinese style. Her design concept makes use of traditional Chinese pattern for the sake of highlighting Chinese cultural heritage on Box. In the meantime, 2D and 3D design Merit Awards has been shortlisted too, 10 awards respectively, have been released on our website of Andox's Flagship and also its Weibo Fans page. We can see Andox and Box's new images at any time now!
In addition, 2 styles of Andox and Box pouches - Andox and Box Pattern Pouch and Andox Coin Purse are highly recommended to you! The Pouch is printed with colorful quilted pattern with Andox and Box and inlayed with nylon. Adults can use it as a cosmetics bag or multi-purposed bag, while kids can use it as a pencil bag.
Coin Purse is also printed with colorful quilted pattern with Andox and Box, but sewed with a lovely 3D Andox plush in the front! You can put coins and keys together.
From now on, you not only can find your favorite items of Andox and Box from Andox's Flagship online, AWC's online shop and the HK Design Gallery at Wan Chai, but also from 2 dedicated retail shops below.
Selling Points:
Andox's Flagship
AWC Online Shop
‧HK Design Gallery at HKCEC in Wai Chai
NEW: shops at Shop UC-39 at APM-Millennium City 5 in Kwun Tong and Shop No. 425 at Metroplaza in Kwai Fong
Andy World Club