“The Bodyguard” Beijing Press Conference

The movie “The Bodyguard” has held a press conference in Beijing on 7 Jan (Thur). Andy and Hung Kam Po are the main actors casting in this action and warmth movie! This movie will be showing on theatre in April, fans are definitely cannot miss out Andy’s excellent acting!
2016 Cheers Brand’s Ambassador

Andy has been invited by Cheers as the brand’s ambassador, to be the spokesperson of Cheers sofa and attended “2016 Cheers Brand’s Ambassador Press Conference” in Shanghai on 17 Jan (Sun). Fans, let’s grab the chance to meet Andy in Shanghai!
“From Vegas to Macau III” Promotion Activity

The movie “From Vegas to Macau III” will be showing on theatre starting from 8 Feb (Mon) the 1st day of Lunar New Year. Andy will attend the Gala Premiere in Hong Kong on 31 Jan (Sun) and the movie promotion activity in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Macau respectively during 2-4 Feb. Members should stay tuned with “Andy’s Tracks”, you may probably meet Andy in the theatres!
The Year of the Monkey – Chinese New Year Gathering
As the Year of the Money is approaching, Chinese New Year Gathering will be held on 9 Feb (Tue), the 2nd day of CNY. Members must grab the chance to give a New Year call to Andy and send him the warmest wishes! In the gathering, members can share the blessings with the others too, let’s join the joyful gathering together!

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“2016 Dream Comes True (Overseas) Members Gathering – USA”
Good news to members in the United States and Canada! The first exclusive gathering with Andy will be held in Los Angeles, the United States on 26 Jan (Tue)! Members not only can meet Andy face to face closely but also can take photos with Andy for good memories. What a wonderful and expecting gathering! Members please take action and enroll now!

Closing Date: 8:00pm, 19 Jan 2016 (Tue)

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Chinese New Year is coming soon, members in the Mainland are excited to organize reunion activities for celebrating with members from different regions. In the beginning of January, Wuhan members has held “Wuhan New Year Dinner”, there was a lucky draw section that boost the excitement for the gathering. In the mid to late January, Shanghai and Shanxi will carry out New Year dinner gatherings too. Family members from different places are enthusiastic to organize gatherings to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Members from the other places, let’s go for a joyful New Year party together too! Please visit "Discussion Board" for further details of "AWC Members – Affiliates Spontaneous Activities".
The video of "Dream Comes True (Taiwan) Gathering"  will be shown starting from 21 Jan (Thur) till 29 Feb (Mon) in HK AWC. Let’s come and share the excitements of this event in our centre.
Balloon Twisting Class – Chinese Ru Yi Knot Series
To welcome the Lunar New Year, adding some festive home decoration would be a good idea. It will be nice if you can decorate your home with your handmade ornaments! Let’s join the “Balloon Twisting Class” on 31 Jan (Sun) to twist a Chinese Ru Yi Knot yourself. Bring this auspicious New Year knot home and hanging it can simply enhance the New Year ambience!

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Lovely Andox and Box Red Pocket for you
It is almost time to prepare new banknotes and red pockets! Andox and Box specially now offer you their lovely red pockets. From now on until 7 Feb (Sun), whenever you make purchase from the selling points below, you will be granted a set of lovely Andox and Box red pocket (6 pcs)! Free red pockets are available while stocks last! Please act now!

Selling points:
‧AWC Headquarter in Hong Kong and AWC Online Shop
‧HK Design Gallery at HKCEC
‧e Plaza at Shop UC-39 at APM-Millennium City 5 in Kwun Tong
‧Souvenir Counters at Golden Harvest cinemas, “the sky” in Olympian City, cinemas in CityWalk and Tsing Yi
In the New Year of 2016, Andox and Box are going to explore more stylish and practical products for fans! New travel series are coming soon, we would firstly introduce you 3 items - 20-inch Luggage, Luggage Strap and Luggage Tag. We highly recommend this travel series to you when you are planning a trip! 20-inch Luggage in black color is printed with Andox and Box pattern. It is stylish and fashionable with light material and durable. Complementary with blue patterned Luggage Strap, it can hold your luggage tight and help to highlight it to become more recognizable. Andox and Box Luggage Tags are so adorable that makes your luggage more eye-catching when hanging it.! If you are ready for a trip, please don’t forget to bring Andox and Box together!

You now not only can find your favorite items of Andox and Box from Andox's Flagship online, AWC's online shop and the HK Design Gallery at Wan Chai but also from e Plaza retail shop and Golden Harvest cinemas below.
Selling Points:
Andox's Flagship
AWC Online Shop
‧HK Design Gallery at HKCEC in Wai Chai
‧e Plaza at Shop UC-39 at APM-Millennium City 5 in Kwun Tong
‧Souvenir Counters at Golden Harvest cinemas, “the sky” in Olympian City, cinemas in CityWalk and Tsing Yi
Andy World Club