The preface written by Andy Lau is extracted from the science and fiction graphic novel, ‘In Search of the Oriental Supernatural – The Story of the Sky and the Fire.’


The Chinese dream of science and fiction.

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The superheroes created by Marvel have been affecting the world in the recent decade.  Have you ever thought that Hong Kong can also produce our own oriental super heroes?  The story background of the universe movie can be Hong Kong?  Andy Lau always likes to take challenges.  His effort has led to the successful launch of the series of ‘In Search of the Oriental Supernatural’.  The storyline of the novels and movies has been structured.  The movie world belongs to the Hong Kong super heroes have been created.’

The Chinese science and fiction dream produced by Andy’s team, ‘In Search of the Oriental Supernatural’ was born.


‘In Search of the Oriental Supernatural’

The vision of ‘In Search of the Oriental Supernatural’ is to give a new classic to the oriental myth. 

The first episode ‘The Story of the Sky and the Fire’ added extraterrestrial culture on the ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’.    It integrated the story of Houyi shooting the suns with the astronomical tektite.   It also included the transformation of the Sanxingdui heritage to robotic creatures… 

The creativity is based on the classic Chinese myth. 

The innovation gives a new idea to the young generation. 


The beginning of ‘The Story of the Sky and the Fire’

‘The Story of the Sky and the Fire’ is the first episode of ‘In Search of the Oriental Supernatural’

In the preface written by Andy, he is addicted to the mysterious tektite.  Therefore he started to create the storyline with his team. 

‘You must be curious on the reason of starting the story from a tektite crashing the earth?  Follow me and chase my dream!’

Dream is the fire of creativity. 


 ‘The Story of the Sky and the Fire’ mentioned that if a tektite interacts with a living creature, abnormal changes will be triggered.  The result of the changes cannot be predicted.  After years, the affected creatures will be categorized into ‘High Dimension’ and ‘Three Dimension’. 

Creatures can be destroyed if there is any resistant power. 

Yang Tian and Yang Chao are the descendants of Houyi.  They touched the tektite and became the super heroes who can shoot down the nine suns.  They fought against the aliens.  This story is inspired by the ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’.

Houyi’s abnormal changes have been extended to his descendants. 

In 1987, an inspector Yangtian, has been assigned to the agency.  Knowing that the tektite was under the Kowloon City, he fought against the alien and saved the world.  He disappeared after the battle. 

In the 21st century, Yangtian’s son, Yangchao became a secret agent.  His mission was to fight against the ‘High Dimension’ aliens.  The ending of this episode mentioned a terrific disaster caused by crash of Ares.  Attacking the earth for every 330 years, the next return will be in 2023.  The direct crashing can even cause species extinction. 

The Story of the Sky and The Fire marked the beginning of how the super heroes saved the world.  While the tektites fell into the seven cities in Asia.  The disaster aroused the super heroes to fight together. 


The Asian dream of super heroes… 

‘In Search of the Oriental Supernatural’ covered various super heroes in the oriental myth and formed creative story. 


Hong Kong  Houyi

The super heroes Yangtian and Yangchao tried their best to discover the mystery of tektite.  They are the descendents of Houyi.  Long time ago, when there were ten suns, Houyi fought with the aliens.  The intense battled was recorded in the ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’. 


Seoul  Haechi

As a mythical creature, Haechi is the mascot of Seoul.  The team created it as an animal which can swallow fire with a terrible face, representing justice and law. 


Kyoto  Yinyang Master

Yinyang Master is good at predicting, divining and killing evils.  The Yinyang Master in the story came from the Edo period.  Wearing a kariginu and holding a bat fan, the Yinyang Master is as pretty as a young lady. 


Taipei   Firefly Master

A gentle and educated master, accompanied by firefly.  During night time, firefly leads the people to a lighter road.  The Firefly Master discovered the location of the Taipei myth ‘7-star Array’ through a journey to search for the classic intelligence. 


Bangkok  Yaksa 

Yaksa is a fierce god, a blind man looking after orphans at temple.  He can transform once he got a mission.  With a pair of huge ears and holding a magic sword, Yaksa wears an agate helmet, a golden armor and a pair of boots. 


Kuala Lumpur  General Tiger

The General Tiger is a magician.  He can turn to a tiger.  With an eye between his eyebrows, his mask and dress were produced by thousand-year rubber.  His invulnerable body got a device which can activate his potential by Chinese medicine. 


New Delhi  Asura

An 8-feet-tall strong man with light blue skin.  Asura is brave enough to fight against the Lord Brahma who created the world.  Being expelled from the heaven, he was eager to find the heaven leader against his fate. 


The dream in my heart

The super hero story created in Hong Kong with our familiar local scenes. 

The historical Kowloon City became the source of the universal black power battle. 


Comment :
‘The story turned the Kowloon City of old Hong Kong into a science and fiction scene.  The modern super heroes are got the color of traditional myth.’ 



Andy lighted up the Story of the Sky and Fire by the tektite.

The creative concept is ‘Source of every myth is true’. 

A true time and venue.

A true myth. 

A true universe.

A true extraterrestrial culture.

To realize the fantasy. 


When the first episode, ‘The Story of the Sky and the Fire’ is published, other Asian super heroes will appear.  Their stories will be launched on different platforms, i.e. comics, movies…  the book is the first work of ‘In Search of the Oriental Supernatural’. 

In any generation, dreamers will create their heroes.  Be brave to imagine!   Even human is tiny, we can still create our hero. 


‘In Search of the Oriental Supernatural – The Story of the Sky and the Fire.’

Authors:  Ng Ka Keung and Cheung Chi Wai

Graphic Designer: Cho Chi Ho