Dear Members / Fans,

The milestone of the 30th anniversary enabled AWC to pass our tradition to the next generation.

As time goes on, our spirit on our wholehearted support to Andy has never changed. We were participated in the social charity events actively. The members are united and love each other. We are going to pass our spirit to the next generation continuously. Let our love exists in AWC and connects to the hearts of all our members. Linking all members together so as to fly higher and farther with AWC.

18th June 2018 is the official 30th anniversary of AWC.  We invited all members to join the photo game.  We uploaded the funny pictures related to 30 and wished AWC a happy 30th birthday.  Go to the link of the forum and send your best wishes to AWC.  The participants can also join the lucky draw to win the gifts with Andy’s signature.大有前「圖」

The 30th anniversary party of AWC was a great event. Members from different places came and celebrated the 30th anniversary with Andy. Everyone was very excited in the party.

Many of the members reached the venue earlier than usual. They enjoyed the ‘Love Connects Us All’ game and got the early arrival pass, a limited pink wristband. They signed on the wall to mark a record for the event.

Members held the 30th anniversary photo frame and wrote their wishes on the mini-blackboard for the anniversary. 

Members supported the limited souvenir for the 30th anniversary. Long line was formed near the souvenir booth.

Members entered the hall at around 8:00pm. They were looking forward to celebrating the 30th anniversary with Andy. We were surprised as Andy was the MC of the party. Members were addicted by the fabulous program and Andy’s performance.

The 30th anniversary of AWC relied on everyone’s continuous support. Thank you for joining the party from different parts of the world and also the wishes from remote distance. The support of the voluntary team is also appreciated.

Please visit the official website for the video of the event highlights.

Members in different regions were organizing events to celebrate the 30th anniversary of AWC.

‘Love Strike’ bowling

Members in Singapore organized ‘Love Strike’ bowling event to celebrate the 30th anniversary.  The rolling bowling represents their endless love to Andy. 

Food Angel Charity Event

The Hong Kong members distributed lunch box to the elderly at Food Angel on 19th June. They spent a harmonious and cheerful afternoon together. Serving the society is a way to show the love of AWC.

Teatime gathering at the Disney Hotel

Members in Hong Kong enjoyed dessert together on 24th June at the Disney Hotel to celebrate the 30th anniversary in an elegant mood.

Barbecue party

Barbecue party was held on 23rd June at the countryside to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

17th June
Barbecue party was held at the countryside of Changsha to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

18th June
Dinning activity at Ha’erbin
Party at Xi’an

23rd June
Barbecue party at Zhejiang

The video of the 30th anniversary party of AWC are now ready.  Watch the highlights now to feel the shocking, touching, humorous and harmonious moments.  Welcome to HK AWC and watch the replay of the entire party. 

Andox & Box Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Andy World Club

On 9 June, Andox & Box celebrated 30th Anniversary of Andy World Club at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre with fans.

The huge Andox & Box plushes displayed at the photo-taking booth were very eye-catching. They attracted enormous fans to queue up for photo-shooting. The fans were so excited to take photos with Andox & Box. Most of them kept changing the props and poses in order to have lots of beautiful photos with the lovely ox brothers.

“Andox & Box Love Birthday Party 2018”

On 29 May, caring Andox & Box attended a special birthday party called “Andox & Box Love Birthday Party 2018” at the Wan Chai Headquarter of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The birthday boys, Andox & Box worn the tailor-made birthday hats and looked so lovely. Apart from cake-cutting ceremony, receiving birthday gifts and blessings from the others, Andox & Box would like to take this opportunity to promote respect to animals and they were appointed as “2018-2019 Ambassadors” for SPCA. They also visited those dogs waiting for new homes and presented them some cookies so as to bring love and warmth to them. They also took the initiatives to enroll as Flag Day volunteers on August 11 to help those animals in need.

Wanna to join Andox & Box to become Flag Day volunteers? Simply, send WhatsApp message to 5506 8767 “To become SPCA Flag Day Volunteer” or go to to register!

Andy World Club