“Andy World Club” 20th anniversary


“Andy World Club” 20th anniversary celebration was held at Kowloon Bay Trade and Exhibition centre on June 14, members from all over the world in orange member uniform that we are all familiar with, lined up and entered the venue. For this grand party, the organizer designed a series of souvenir for members to purchase, the most special thing was the commemorative special edition which carries articles about many years of fan club events, and its【foreword】was specially written by Andy.

In the venue, there were T shape stage and huge 20th anniversary symbol in the background, I felt as if I was at a concert. Party that everybody had high expectations finally started past 8 pm, when the program started, video of over the years of Andy World Club was played on the screen. The each scene awaked our memories. And then, leading more than one hundred members holding pompons in their hands, the brass band entered the venue, it was a grand scene. Flags with three different times were even raised and waved on the stage. Then Andy in a smart suit finally appeared. He was greeted with loud cheers and claps!

As before, program included various group performances, this year the organizer set Olympics as the theme, at the beginning of the show, there was Tae Kwon Do, and the result of member’s hard practice, sign language performance of﹝Ngoi bat yuhn﹞, light stick performance, Hip Hop dance of ﹝Dou jyun deih kauh﹞, clever and funny clown performance, Latin dance and so on. Disabled athletes that Andy have supported even performed wheelchair dance, the fruitful result of their hard practice, the exquisite performances received nonstop applause. We can’t miss Lucky Draw in our party. Andy donated three personal treasures ~ jeans jackets, and he even dressed them for the three winners in person, which made members under the stage envy. At the last, even hangers could be the Lucky Draw prize, and it evoked a laugh!

People who have been member for 20 years were awarded “Elder” souvenir by Andy in person. At that time, the video that they talked about their feeling about the 20 years was played on the screen, it was very touching! The sons of Andy, Andox and Hak Jai, finally became Andy World Club member like us, after receiving various trials. Their “Mom” awarded them each a membership card!

How can party go without Andy’s performance time! Andy sang many golden songs, we all sang along, cheered together, that is we all “yat hei ngaai” (shout together) It aroused us to enthusiasm. It was just like a concert. We were all excited and beside ourselves. Lastly, Andy and his “family”, his father and mother, Andox and Hak Jai, cut the celebration cake for us on stage to appreciate the past and take a look into the future! After that, Andy sang a song dedicated to us all with appealing voice to end this evening celebration.

20 years passed so quickly, there was happiness and sadness! It is surely not easy to maintain a fan club for 20 years, we all support each other, and mutual respect made us all don’t wish to leave this “home”, we are a family forever!

Written by Helen

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