Member’s Birthday Party 2007 April-June


Dragon Boat Festival ~~might be a day eating Zong zi, sticky rice wrapped in leaves, watching Dragon Boat race, or treating it as another ordinary holiday to you. But to the people born in April, May, or June, Dragon Boat Festival this year was not another ordinary holiday. It was a big day because Andy took the trouble to celebrate our birthday on the day!!

In order to “fit the holiday” a game named “Zung yauh neih fahn” was played at the party. Firstly, Andy invited 4 members to the stage for Zong zi wrapping competition. Before the game start, of course Andy showed us how to wrap Zong Zi in person! Within minutes, a beautifully wrapped Zong zi was completed. We all could not help admiring his wrapping skill. (It was really amazing!!)

Many overseas members joined the birthday party this time. Not only that, we had two special guests, Master Li and Master Lau. Master Lau sang a song, “Yat hei jau gwo dek yat ji” with Andy! Except for Master Lau, more than 10 lucky members could sing karaoke with Andy. Actually, without stage experience, people get nervous easily in front of almost 500 people. But kindhearted Andy created a relaxed atmosphere often so that people could concentrate on singing!! Well, talking of “nervous”, we get nervous at photo taking time. Before stepping up to the stage, we do not forget touching up our make up, thinking about nice pose for photo……. Thank you so much Andy!! Thank you for spending Dragon Boat Festival this year with me……

Written by CHESKA

06:32 on 2019-03-23