Spring breeze birthday party 2007


January-March Member’s birthday was held on March 25. Although it was a hot day, the hotness did not chill member’s excitement. When I arrived at the parking area around 2pm, more than one hundred members were already waiting to enter the party venue. After entrance, members were buying various products printed good-looking Andy. The newly released stamp set seemed to be the most popular product.

This birthday party adopted Karaoke style. Members vote for a song among 5 selected songs. And the member who won the drawing could sing song with Andy.

“3, 2, 1!” Party started in cheers. Andy brought “sauh baau”, Chinese birthday bun and made a wish for us. After cutting sauh baau, the first game, “balloon game” started. Staffs threw 38 balloons. The balloons number, 38, implies development. Members who received balloon containing 4 letters, “cheun ” “fung” “dak ” “yi” in the end of the game can go up to the stage and play the second game, “ rope-knotting game” and receive prize.

After warming up, Karaoke time began. Andy sang songs such as “ ben xiao hai” “hoh bat hoh yih” “shi jie di yi deng” “ ngam leuih jeuk maih” and “wihng yuhn gei dak neih” with members. He also sang “ mouh gaan douh” with the male MC. There was a girl who won drawing and sang “ ben xiao hai” and “wihng yuhn gei dak neih” with Andy. Naughty Andy said, “They are the one and only twin in this party” with laugh. He asked the girl who sang better, herself or her sister. Hahaha!

There was Q & A session between songs. Members asked Andy questions enthusiastically and Andy answered them one by one. And then, he sang “ xin gan bao bei” and “ Ai ni yi wan nian” to end the song time. And then the time members were most looking forward to: photo taking. It was not the first time for me to take photo with Andy. But I was still very nervous. When my turn came, Andy said “Happy birthday” to me. I replied, “Thank you”. Although it was a simple wish from him, it touched a chord in my heart. Party ended after we received birthday card and sauh baau.

Here, I would like to thanks to all the staffs who prepared the party for us. Thank you for your hard work!

Written by Athena Wong

23:48 on 2019-03-22
23:15 on 2013-06-22