Andy’s Birthday Party 2009


Event:Andy’s Birthday Party 2009 
Date:22 September 2009 
Place:Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre
Text :Tingting (A0286)

A long expected birthday party for Andy was held smoothly at Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre on 22 September. I was lucky enough to win a seat close to the stage through the seat draw, so I could fully enjoy the wonderful and sentimental performances of Andy, clearly viewed. It was absolutely the best birthday gift to me. The party theme is “School”. The winners of the calligraphy contest and students with excellent academic record received a trophy and scholarship, presented by Principal, Andy Lau. Afterwards, here came to Party programme.

There was a series performance by Performance Team of Andy World Club. It seemed like “Tung Wah Charity Show” with various programmes. First of all, it was a chorus presented by parents and children who warmly expressed their supports to Andy for years. This was followed by an energetic hot belly dance and an episode of the lively and interesting Chinese play,《Flirting Scholar》. Perfect and wonderful, thunderous applause filled with the hall. The party was now flooded with enjoyable musical drama, songs, dances as well as a lots of magic. Andy even wished to change water into “wine” to show his pleasure;The party was pushed it its summon when the time for Box who acted as if possessing by Michael Jackson and naughty Andox performed hot dance. Their『Mom』was so content to see their great dances!

After the performances, it was time to award the Oldies and Seniors. And I felt envious to see the Seniors appear on stage, dressing in graduate gowns. They wore big smiles on their faces and were so elegant, and left me wondering, what style I would wear on stage when I become a Senior in 5-year’s time.

Finally our main star appeared on stage, who expressed his feeling in songs which included “The days we went through together”; “Life-time partner”;and “ You are my everything ” and so on. Everything could be understood without saying a word. With a special big cake (which was painstakingly made by the creative team), we all wished Andy Happy birthday. We said “Happy birthday to big brother, May all your wishes come true”. Isn’t that a simple and direct congratulation? Lastly, Andy sang a medley of fast songs which made us so enthusiastic that we sang and danced together. The birthday party ended in such a happy mood.

Taking this opportunity, I sincerely wished Andy “With happy and joyful time everyday and month, and have joyful birthday every year”.

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