The Year of the Dog – Chinese New Year Gathering


Dear Family Members,

New Year Greetings from Andy World Club!
Andy will be here with you in the Chinese New Year Gathering which is holding on 17 February (2nd day of CNY)!
Family members who have successfully enrolled 2018 membership on or before 22 January are welcome to attend the gathering in AWC, stay with Andy to share the joy of the festive.

Date                        : 17 February 2018 (Sat, 2nd day of CNY)
Venue                     : HK AWC (Unit D, 33/F, Tower A, Billion Centre, 1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon)
Gathering Place   : 1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay Billion Centre (Parking Lot)
Gathering Time   : 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm (Please be punctual)
(3 sessions in total; each lasts for around 30 minutes; first attendee will greet Andy first)

1st Session Gathering Time : 12:30 pm            1st Session : 1:00 pm
2nd Session Gathering Time: 1:00 pm             2nd Session: 1:30 pm
3rd Session Gathering Time : 1:30 pm             3rd Session : 2:00 pm

1. Participants must be members of 2018 or those have successfully applied or renewed membership on or before 22 January 2018 (Mon), and have received the SMS notification on 5 February 2018 (Mon) from AWC. The membership application will be completed in 2-4 weeks for members who apply today until 22 January. Please submit your application in time so as to secure a place of the Gathering.
2. NO application is required for the Gathering. Members are welcome to attend any ONE of the sessions. NO seats will be arranged due to limited space.
3. The Gathering will be divided into sessions and each will last for 30 minutes. First comer will greet Andy first.
4. In case of the venue is overcrowded, members should follow AWC’s instruction for admission.
5. Members must present their 2017 membership card for admission. New members must present valid ID/ Passport for identification. NO uniform is required. Members are welcome to dress up for the Gathering.
6. Due to the public holiday on 17 February 2018 (Sat), NO Counter Service will be provided.
7. “AWC Passport” will be available for sale at the gathering place located at the Parking Lot. Members can make their purchase or chop the stamp as collection at the specific counter.
8. Tape recorders, photos taking, video cameras and or any audio-visual equipment are strictly prohibited after admission. Mobile phones must be switched off or turned to silent mode. When illegal recording is found, member will be commanded to leave the venue immediately and our workforce has the right to delete those relevant records. AWC reserves the right to terminate his/her AWC membership and paid-Membership fee is non-refundable in such circumstances.

For enquiries, please contact us during office hours at (852) 27110309 / fax (852) 27613165 or email us

Andy World Club
12 Jan 2018