Birthday party refund details


Dear family members :        


The birthday party has been cancelled and the enrollment fee will be refunded in full.


The details are as follows:


Family members who had paid by cash at the AWC

Starting from 1st August 2019(Thursday), please obtain your cash refund from “Andy World Club” (AWC) within AWC opening hours.

Please bring along :

1) 2019 membership card;

2) Payment receipt (original) ;and

3) If you had enrolled together with other AWC members, please bring along the authorization letter of each member and the individual payment receipts( original).


Family members who had made payment by bank or ATM

Please kindly come to AWC for the refund service.

Please bring along:

1) 2019 membership card;

2) If you had enrolled with other AWC members, please bring along the authorization letter


“Andy World Club” opening hours

Monday to Sunday   10 am to 6 pm  

*Closed on public holidays


Address: Unit D, 33/F, Block A, Billion Center, 1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay , Kwoloon,Hong Kong


Family members who had enrolled and had made online payment

Andy World Club will process the refund as soon as possible , and the refund will be made directly to the AWC member’s original purchase method whether by credit cards(i.e. Visa or Master)/ Alipay / We Chat account )within August 2019

(Note: If more than 1 member pay together,AWC will refund the full payment to the particular account directly online)


Taiwanese family members will be paid by cheque,  the Taiwan AWC branch will send the cheque by mail.


 If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Phone: (852)27110309




Andy World Club
31 July 2019