Dear Members / Fans,

Andy’s fans got the privilege to pre-order the tickets of Andy’s concert 2018. It is the best gift Andy presents to the fans.

The concert which was planned to organize last year has been postponed to late 2018 due to Andy’s injury. The 2018 countdown concert is meaningful. It represents Andy’s determination, perseverance and his promise to stay together with his fans in this December. The concert definitely will be full of love.

Dearest fans, lets connect our hearts and hands to get ready for Andy’s concert.

Opening Ceremony of ‘Hong Kong Paralympic Day 2018’

As the vice-president of the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled, Andy always devotes great effort to promoting local para sports. 

Andy participated in the opening ceremony of the ‘Hong Kong Paralympic Day’ at the Hong Kong Sports Institute and enjoyed the fun of boccia with the officiating guests and the para athletes. He supported the para athletes and encouraged the disabled to find their dreams by joining sports event. 

Andy is enthusiastic to contribute to charity and to give love and care to the society.

The celebration party of ‘The Trading Floor’

The original miniseries, ‘The Trading Floor’ produced by Andy was very popular.  Andy dressed casually to participate in the celebration party with the director and actors. He announced that they are planning for the second season. He will be the producer of the miniseries again. Let’s look forward to watching this high quality drama produced by Andy!

Priority booking of Andy’s Hong Kong Concert 2018

The priority booking of Andy’s 2018 concert has been started on 5th July at noon!  Fans have been waited for so long and showed their enthusiastic support. 

Andy made their dreams come true after the 8-year waiting.  He is going to perform on the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum again. 

The official website of AWC will announce the latest news of the concert. Please stay tuned!

The Hong Kong fans celebrate the 30th Anniversary of AWC in June.

19th June - Food Angel Charity Event

24th June - Teatime gathering at the Disney Hotel

The Hong Kong fans will hold a mahjong competition on 29th July (Sunday). It is cheerful to play mahjong in the afternoon and enjoy dinner together afterwards. 

23rd June – 30th Anniversary Barbeque Party

The mainland fans celebrate the 30th Anniversary of AWC in June.
17th June – Changsha fans enjoyed the BBQ party in the countryside

18th June – Dinner party held by Haerbin and Wuhan fans

The Shanghai fans will hold a Shanghainese class on 22nd July (Sunday). They enjoy tea and doing handiwork together. 

30th Anniversary of AWC 2018

In the anniversary part, Andy said, ‘Concert ticket is not available, yet let me sing for you now!’  Everyone was very excited after hearing what he said. Let’s review the highlights of the party and listen to Andy’s songs.

Andox & Box Celebrate 11th Birthday with Fans

Whenever Andox & Box appear, lots of their fans would show up and crowd around. Andox & Box 11th Birthday Party at Cherry shop on 23rd June had no exception. Their charisma even attracted the residents nearby to join the Party.

Andox & Box got dressed in chill party looks. They were so happy to have the birthday cake-cutting ceremony and get blessings from fans. The licensee, Cherry presented them soft and comfortable blankets as birthday gifts. In celebration of the grand opening of Cherry Mikiki shop, the adorable ox brothers brought their plushes, cushions and carpet etc together with ANDOX & BOX soccer style bedding set to decorate an ANDOX & BOX themed room in the shop. It looked very lovely. Many die heart fans picked the ANDOX & BOX bedding sets on spot.

Andy World Club