Dear Members / Fans,

The March page of My Love x AWC 2019 desktop calendar gives forth the spirit of spring. The lively season is being shown on a light green background. As warm as sunshine, Andy’s smile is energetic and active. His classic black and white outfit is really smart. It is cheerful to welcome spring with Andy, especially when we see his charming smiling face.

Andy’s Track

Award Presentation Ceremony of Hong Kong Film Critics Society

The 25th Award Presentation Ceremony of Hong Kong Film Critics Society was held on 7th March (Thursday) at the Hong Kong Film Archive. As the guest to present the awards, Andy praised the achievement of the winners and shared their happiness. In fact, Andy has made great contribution to the Hong Kong film industry. As an actor and producer, he is committed to explore different movie themes with local features. His outstanding achievement is being widely recognized and respected.

AWC News

2019 Membership Card and Exclusive Souvenir

AWC prepare new membership card and souvenir to our members every year, welcoming all of you with exclusive gifts.

The implicit design of the 2019 membership card is plain and simple. The dark pattern matches with Andy’s calmness and gentleness. It is the new ID card exclusively for the AWC members. Early bird registration can get a special plastic version while the others will get an ordinary paper version.

AWC also designed a new exclusive card holder with leather strip and crystal card case. The silver ‘A’ circle metal charm representing AWC and Andy and is perfectly surrounded in the circle, which connects the leather strip and the card holder. It means that AWC members are under protection of Andy, all is well.

When you put your membership card inside the holder, you can see Andy’s face at one side and your card at another side. Members can wear it while participating in the events. Members’ loyalty and convenience can be greatly strengthened. The card holder part can also be removed and used as a fashionable accessory for male or female.

We are preparing this exclusive gift for all of you. They will be ready in April for the overseas and local members. Please stay tuned!

AWC Members
Affiliates Spontaneous Activities

• Mainland China


Members attended the Shanghainese class and art workshop at an old Shanghai tea house on 24th February (Sunday).

Members organized a charity event to visit elderly on 9th March (Saturday). They showed their care by providing milk and cereal to the elderly.

Members actively attend the art exhibition and Shanghainese class on 17th March (Sunday).

Member’s Privilege

Exclusive offer for AWC members in 2019: Portfolio Makeup Academy

If family members are looking for professional make up service for having gorgeous make up when attending a banquet or event, or else, aim at attending course to enhance your makeup skills, you can consider and enjoy the following newly offers :

~ 30% off for Personal Make Up Service (The value subject to different Make Up Artist)

~ 40% off for Personal Make Up Course (2.5 hrs) valued at $3,000

Explore more:

For more special offers, please visit the ‘Member’s Privilege’ under ‘Latest News’ official website of AWC.

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