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The white theme of the April page of My Love x AWC 2019 desktop calendar is simple and adorable. Wearing a white shirt, Andy is thinking concentratedly. His eyes are full of intelligence. In this new era, there is no shortcut to success. We have to learn from Andy, to be attentive, hardworking and serious. To enjoy the process of every task, we will be able to reach our goals easily.

Andy’s Track

The Press Conference of <The White Storm 2>

Director Herman Yau participated in the press conference of < The White Storm 2> with Andy Lau who is also the producer of the movie, Louis Koo, Michael Miu, Karena Lam, Chrissie Chau and Kent Cheng at HKCEC on 18th March (Monday). Andy’s black outfit was mature and smart. He really looked handsome!

We are looking forward to watching the movie in July. His performance and the scene at the 1:1 Central MTR station are both attractive.

The Press Conference of <Find your Voice>

Andy participated in the press conference of at HKCEC in 20th March (Wednesday). The trailer of the movie was shown in the event. As the producer, Andy also acted as the conductor, Mr. Yim, of a Band 3 secondary school. 33 new actors and actresses acted as Andy’s choir students. They were trained by Mr. Yim for the singing competition. It is an encouraging and young movie with energetic and lively music. Please stay tuned!

AWC News

Birthday Card for the 2019 AWC Members

We will prepare the member card and the exclusive souvenir for AWC members whenever they enrolled membership. After that, we will send you the birthday card to show our sincere wishes. The 2019 birthday card is designed as a postcard. The secret guest, Andy, smiles and presents you a heart with his fingers. The birthday cake with ‘My Love Happy Birthday’ can melt your heart. For the members whose birthday is before the enrollment date, we will also send you the birthday card after your membership is activated.

AWC Members
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• Mainland China


Members attended the Shanghainese class and art workshop at an old Shanghai tea house on 17th March (Sunday).

The 13th Shanghainese class and art workshop will be held on 21st April (Sun). It will be an enjoyable class for members as usual.

Member’s Privilege

Miniatures Museum

Exclusive offer for AWC Members in 2019 – Miniatures Museum of Taiwan.

The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan exhibits mini-houses with fantastic and creative interior and external design. The classic mini-models such as the palace of the Roman Empire, the Buckingham Palace and Venice bring you an exotic experience.

20% discount for the admission ticket will be offered to our members upon the presentation of the valid membership card. You can visit the museum and experience the special artworks in a relaxing holiday.

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For more special offers, please visit the ‘Member’s Privilege’ under ‘Latest News’ on the official website of AWC.

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