Dear Family members,

We wish you an energetic in the early Summer. The light purple on the May’s page of the calendar added romantic mood on the rainy days. Knowing that you are always missing Andy, we are going to show you his highlights in May.

Andy’s Track

Participation of OSIM Promotion Event –
Showing his Intelligence

Andy was participated in the OSIM promotion event in Pudong, Shanghai. Dressing up in a set of white suit, Andy looked charm and energetic. His action has broken the rumor of his sickness. He stated that he is healthy and good. Andy promised that he will take care of his health and stopped all the rumors. It’s a deal between Andy and us!

Andy’s intelligence was being shown in the event. While the MC, Mickey Huang said that he was tripped. Andy explained that he was just addicted to the massage chair. Everyone clapped. Andy also created ‘Tak’s language’. The funny interactive part between Andy and Mickey made everyone laughed.

‘Outstanding Contributor’ of the 2nd KONGEST FILM AWARDS

Members, please stand up and give Andy a big hand. Congratulations to Andy for being recognized as the outstanding contributor of the 2nd KONGEST FILM AWARDS.

Andy looked so fashionable in the award presentation ceremony. His rock and roll gesture showed his confidence. He said, “Hong Kong movies never die! No pain, no gain! That’s my reward!”

The award presenter, Carina Lau, brought us a surprising news. She mentioned that she is actively pairing up Andy and Tony Leung to work together again after the classic movie INTERNAL AFFAIRS. We are looking forward to watching this powerful Hong Kong movie. Carina, please make this happen!

Prayer Ceremony of SHOCK WAVE II

You have to get the “lord’s permission” to watch SHOCK WAVE II!

Invested, produced and acted by Andy, the popular action movie SHOCK WAVE II started the shooting on 28th April. Andy led the director, Herman Yau to the prayer ceremony, with the actors and actresses, including Sean Lau, Ni Ni, Ron Ng, Kenny Wong, Tse Kwan Ho and Timmy Hung. They played an egg-breaking game during the event. Anyone who broke a raw egg can earn double salary. However, it was just a joke. Andy laughed that the actors are too naive. What a naughty boy!

Andy mentioned that SHOCK WAVE II is a new story. It is even more sadness than SHOCK WAVE. Remember the ending that brought tears to our eyes? Andy, please don’t make us upset again!

Shooting on the street at Tsim Sha Tsui

Andy worked seriously after the joke.

Andy, Sean Lau and Philip Keung’s shooting of SHOCK WAVE II at the Temple Street created crowd in the town. The story was about Andy getting news on bomb report. Although the street has been blocked for shooting, the Temple Street is full of tourists. Andy attracted lots of people and created huge crowd. The crews tried their best to control the crowd to ensure the shooting runs smoothly. When the onlookers were excited and shouted at Andy, he met with a smile and waved, always close to the people.

Any of you met Andy that night?

Being the Award Presenter and Opening Guest for the HONG KONG FILMS AWARD

The 38th HONG KONG FILMS AWARD was held in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 14th April. Andy gave up his favorite black and white tone but choose a floral pattern Ferragamo suit with black bow tie. Being the focus on the red carpet, Andy looked very smart with his charming hair style.

Andy gave the opening speech under the backdrop of starry sky. Andy represented the new actors, bringing their charm and brightness to the audience in a magical way. “Hong Kong Movies Keep Rolling!”, the slogan echoed what Andy said, “Hong Kong Movies Never Die!”.

Everyone was looking forward to seeing Andy Lau announced Best Film Award alongside Korean actress Song Hye-kyo. I believed you were one of the excited fans while seeing them holding hands on the stage. As a nice gentleman, Andy fixed the microphone for Hye Kyo. A simple action can melt one’s heart.

Andy's Talent

Chinese Calligraphy on Movie Poster

Do you still remember Andy’s performance of stone breaking in a charity event? His performance really scared us.

His injury is just a joke but the work of the stunts was not. As the unsung heroes, they contributed a lot to the industry. An experienced stunt, Lau Wen’s professional was being recognized. Every stunt is proud of his achievement.

Recently, the movie poster of a documentary unveiling the 60-year history of stunt, KUNGFU STUNTMAN was published. The name of the movie was being written by Andy. His outstanding skill on Chinese calligraphy shown his talent and his respect to the group of stunts.

AWC News

2019 Membership Card and Exclusive Souvenir

You must have received the new membership card and the card holder! We really want to see you wearing it during the coming activities. Loyalty and convenience will be greatly enhanced.

We hoped the exclusive souvenir suits you. Why not put your staff card inside? You will be more energetic while wearing this in your workplace.

Fans Activities in the Mainland China

The Shanghai fans studied together on 21st April. Shanghai dialect lesson and art workshop were held. After learning a lot of interesting proverbs and two-part allegorical sayings, everyone enjoys on doing the handcrafts.What a lovely and unique DIY Shanghai style fan, is’t it?

Andy World Club