Dear family members,

Love You 2020

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter.
2020 is coming soon.
We are going to meet each other again at the Hong Kong Coliseum in February 2020. Let’s show our love to Andy while he is performing on the stage.
AWC is getting enquiries of members, they are checking on whether pre-order of the additional concert tickets will be offered to them. Thank you for your support again, in order not to violate the restricted ratio of concert ticket selling tothe market, we cannot offer this privilege to the AWC members. Please understand our concern and the limitation.
For the mainland China concert ticket, please pay attention to our coming announcements. Remember that the online rumors should not be trusted.
Also, say no to scalper!

The Hong Kong concert tickets will be available on 8 November.

Good Days,
Doubled Up the Power

The useful and tangible calendar can be presented as birthday or Christmas gift for friends. Your thoughtfulness can be definitely shown! It should be a good choice!
Knowing that you are always busy, it is a warm reminder for you. Please purchase as soon as possible due to limited quantity.
No re-print will be available!

The Lights
Showing our Support

Flashing Stick (HKD100) is available at AWC

Many fans are holding the flashing sticks designed by AWC at the concert. Especially while Andy was singing ’月亮代表我的心’ on the Kuala Lumpur stage, fans’ flashing sticks followed the rhythm and devoted to Andy’s performance.
Recently, many fans called and asked if the flashing stick is still available. To meet your request, we have prepared limited stock at AWC. Please come and get them.
We are looking forward to supporting Andy by showing him the flashes at the Hong Kong Coliseum in February 2020.

2020 Membership Renewal

Membership renewal application for 2019’s members starts from around mid of November.
In 2020, electronic membership will replace the current membership card. Not only follows the trend, the replacement also gives convenience to members.
We found that many of the members didn’t get their cards after completing the renewal application. It really caused wastage. In the coming year, please pay attention that we will stop recruiting new members and will only renew the membership of the 2019 members.


AWC is preparing the Christmas Card for you. Hope you will be happy and feel warm while getting the card in December.