Andy World Club
Andy World Club – Rules and Regulations

Andy World Club – Rules and Regulations (Year 2020)


  • Fully support Andy.
  • Active participation in community services and charitable activities.
  • Extend sincere cooperation, team spirits, love and care to all members of the Club.


  • Ownership of the Club’s membership card.
  • Your membership number is the login ID of Andy World Club App and official website, and you as the members, can have exclusive access to the latest news and information from Andy and the Club.
  • Chances to participate in the Club’s activities in different regions.
  • Priority purchase special or limited edition products.
  • Enjoy discounts and privileges provided by the merchants that support AWC.
  • Enjoy the facilities provided in the Club.
  • Members may contact AWC by phone, fax, post or email for enquiries.

    Tel: +852 2711 0309
    Mailing Address: Unit D, 33/F, Tower A, Billion Centre, 1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Gentle reminder: Name and membership number must be provided.

  • Andy World Club official App/Website Rules
    • Please pay extra attention to the rules below.
  • Post/comment on Andy’s Blog, Andy World Club Forum
    • Verbal abuse and/or assault are not allowed.
    • Inappropriate, sensitive, vulgar, annoyance, offensive, obscene text or visual are not allowed.
    • Our webmaster shall have the right to edit, delete or remove any inappropriate or abnormal topic at all time and reserves the right to do the above without prior notice.
  • AWC wholly owns the materials on AWC website. Without AWC’s prior consent or authorization, members are strictly prohibited to copy, deliver, change, edit or possess unless legally authorized by AWC.
  • Members are not allowed to use AWC’s official name or Andy Lau(Lau Tak Wah)’s name to set up account on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and Weibo, etc.)
  • Recruitment of members to join the personal or organizational online groups. Without the approval of the Club, members are not allowed to use AWC’s name to organize activity and charge the participants.
  • Photo and video shooting or sharing the AWC event venue’s condition, exterior, decoration, participants, performances, and upload to social media platform are strictly prohibited. AWC reserves the right to terminate his/her AWC membership and paid-Membership fee is non-refundable in such circumstances.
  • Members who have taken photo with Andy, shall not use it for any commercial purpose or be shown as endorsing any products. Any usage for promotion purpose of commercial affairs and merchandizes on social media platforms are prohibited.
  • AWC products or tickets speculation are strictly prohibited.
  • Infringements, which in relation to produce AWC products, unauthorized use of AWC logos, Andy’s image or any AWC official materials for own use, are forbidden.


  • Members must present their membership cards when participating in AWC activities.
  • Tape recorders, photos taking, video cameras and or any audio-visual equipment are strictly prohibited after admission. Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode. If you need to use the mobile phone, you have to go outside of the venue, otherwise, you should put away it properly, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. When illegal recording is found, member shall be requested to leave the venue immediately and we shall have the right to delete those recordings. AWC will terminate his/her AWC membership and paid-membership fee is non-refundable in such circumstances.
  • Eligibility for participation and admission ticket are non-transferable.
  • To avoid unnecessary interruption, members who are permitted to leave early must follow staff’s instructions.
  • Members who are participating in the activity must follow the staff’s instructions.
  • Do not shout or speak rudely to others and the staff. Interference and threatening behaviours are strictly prohibited.
  • Members must comply with the rules and regulations of the Venue. Keep the site clean and hygiene. Smoking is strictly prohibited at the venue.
  • If members are unable to attend the activity, or have to leave before the end of the activity, please notice us in advance. Members who are absent from the activity will be deemed to forfeit their participation. Any paid- activities fee will not be refunded. If members are absent from the activity without giving prior notice to AWC, we will mark the member’s attendance record for future reference.


  • There are application quota, deadlines and rules for each activity.
  • If the number of applicants exceeds the seats limit, successful applicants and seating will be determined by balloting in AWC.
  • Late application will not be considered.
  • No matter the eligible members attend the activity or not, all payment received is non-refundable in any circumstances.
  • Admission tickets must be collected on a designated date along with membership card at the venue.
  • Members under aged 12 and the registered guardians are required to fill in the same activity application form. Members under aged 12 must be accompanied by the registered guardians, who are valid AWC members, for participating in the activity.


  • Members must collect their goods from AWC in person within 6 weeks from the date of AWC’s collection notice/confirmation letter/receipt. Otherwise, AWC reserves the right to confiscate the items.
  • Authorized pick-up

    Rules for Authorized pick-up

    “Letter of Authorization” signed by the member (authorized person’s name and membership/ID number must be clearly stated on the letter)

    1. Copy of the member’s membership card
    2. Copy of AWC’s collection notice/confirmation letter/receipt
      • If the person who is commissioned is a member, he/she has to present the membership card.
      • If the person who is commissioned is a non-member, he/she has to present the valid ID identification document.
  • In case of refunds, members have to collect the refund in person.
  • Members under the age of 12
    1. The registered Guardian(s) must present their personal and their children’s membership cards upon collection.
    2. Non-registered Guardian(s) are required to submit “Letter of Authorization’ signed by the registered Guardian(s), membership cards copies of the Guardian(s) and children upon collection.


  • If member terminates the membership with any personal reason(s),
  • If any member breaches the Rules and Regulations or commits any unlawful/immoral act, AWC has the right to terminate one’s membership immediately. Paid-membership feewill not be refunded.

《The Club reserves the right to amend or change the above rules and regulations without prior notice. In case of any disputes, the Club reserves the right of final decision.》

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